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Affiliate Partners, Coaches, and Trainers

When it comes to nutrition and health, it is not a solo sport. Your health journey involves a team of experts, each with their own niche, to level up your health to optimum. Here are some details on the people that are a part of my team that can certainly help you reach your health goals.

Coach Rory,
RPG Training Systems

Coach Rory, is the performance director and owner of RPG Training Systems. He is a lifelong advocate for health, fitness and a happy lifestyle. As an educator and strength coach, he has spent his career working to get people of all ages and shapes, strong both mentally and physically.

Coach Rory has an extensive background in coaching and training, and we have teamed up to provide comprehensive programs to support physical training and nutrition strategies to take health and wellness to a whole new level, for life-long health, happiness and success.

Luke Thomas,
Healthy Eats

Luke Thomas is the founder of Healthy Eats. He is a personal trainer with a long history of helping clients achieve their goals to become the best version of themselves. He has taken the ‘What’s for Lunch’ dilemma to a whole new level.

The result is convenient, nutritious, whole foods that I can 100% stand behind. The meals are fresh and always balanced. And the best part is, he has tailored meal packs for Health Scope clients that are struggling to change some old habits around food and how they fuel the body. Most people just don’t know what a well-balanced, dairy and gluten free meal looks like; Healthy Eats changes that and makes it so easy! Healthy Eats makes nutritious meals that taste great, while also being convenient! Game Changer!

Why wait to heal before
embracing your health?

With Health Scope the goal is to embrace healing and health as a journey in life.