Health Scope

Health Scope

A view to better health

Health Scope

Health Scope

A view to better health

Beyond the Healing Journey:

Tools for Optimal Health

Live Blood Analysis

Live blood analysis is a simple procedure for obtaining a quick and accurate assessment of your blood.

Weight Loss Program

Metabolic Balance® is an innovative all-natural nutrition program that helps lead to long term weight management.

Functional Medicine Lab Tests

Lab tests help clarify a client’s condition and reveal the steps needed to establish better health.


Get expert advice from southwestern Ontario’s leading Natural Health Practitioner and Nutritionist.

The goal is not to heal and then begin your life, the goal is to embrace healing and health as a journey in life. The key is having the tools to reach optimal health.

Detailed Customized Wellness Plans

Why Choose Health Scope?

As a holistic nutritionist I create a detailed customized wellness plan that works for you to resolve underlying issues, using live blood analysis and a comprehensive intake and health history to determine root causes of health concerns.

Natural Health Practitioner and Nutritionist

Laura McLennan

I took my passion for food and healthy living to not only heal my own health issues, but to also inspire and guide others to make simple nutrition, lifestyle and supplement changes to take charge of their own health and well-being. For me, food is a lifestyle, and I believe there is healing power in food and committing to a healthy lifestyle. I am passionate about all things nutrition and am honoured to serve clients in the London and surrounding area.

What Others Have to Say

Testimonials from Health Scope clients.

My experience at Health Scope was exactly what I was looking for, a partner in helping me to feel my best. The care Laura takes to fully understand my issues, the extra time she invests to research the best options for me and her ability to explain things simply and clearly are above and beyond the scope of your regular practitioner. After our visits I am clear on what I should be doing, eating and taking in terms of supplements. She is as committed to my health as I am. Each time I visit we tackle the next issue together and I feel even better. If you want to feel your best you can trust Laura. Period.

Tami Hutchinson

I’ve had fatigue and stomach issues alongside depression. After exercising, eating healthier (or so I thought), I was still fatigued and frustrated. My doctor ran tests that came back normal. I went in to see Laura and was relieved, after her testing I was able to see what was causing my issues and start working towards fixing them. Laura’s clinic is a warm, welcoming, judgement free space. She works within your budget and answers all your questions. If you’re looking to live a healthier lifestyle, I recommend seeing Laura.

Erin Jansen, RMT

I had led, what I thought was a fairly healthy lifestyle in terms of diet, exercise and daily supplements. I thought I felt fine before seeing Laura, but now I know what optimal health feels like. I no longer have chronic urinary tract infections, my hair grew thicker, my nails are stronger, I’ve stopped perpetually clearing my throat, I sleep, stressors slide off my back, I rarely have an ache or a pain and I lost my post-menopausal belly fat since consulting Laura.

Joyce Sharp

I consulted Laura to address some chronic inflammation issues I had been dealing with for years. After taking some simple remedies and making changes to my supplements and food intake, I was able to get the inflammation under control. I now have a much better range of motion in my joints and have the freedom to enjoy many more activities that I was restricted from previously.

Warren Helland

Why wait to heal before
embracing your health?

With Health Scope the goal is to embrace healing and health as a journey in life.